Sandy Hill has a rich history that can still be seen in many of the mansions that grace the neighbourhood or in street names that recall former activities. But with the passage of time much of that history has become invisible. For example, did you know that:

  • Ten prime ministers lived in Sandy Hill, four while in office, as did several Fathers of Confederation?
  • Several famous Canadians, such as Sanford Fleming (who successfully pushed for the adoption of universal time zones), Billy Bishop (Canada’s great World War 1 flying ace) and Barbara Ann Scott (1948 world skating champion) all lived in Sandy Hill at different times?


  • Canada’s first golf tournament was held in Sandy Hill (at Strathcona Park) in 1895?
  • Ottawa’s only royal wedding took place at All Saints Anglican Church in 1926? (the groom and bride being a Prince of Denmark and Lois Booth)?
  • Radio-Canada ran a TV series set in Sandy Hill in the 1960s? There were 67 episodes broadcast between 1960 and 1962.